For some time it has been clear that one of the biggest challenges now, as the extent of technology penetration into our lives rockets upwards, is to balance the benefits of that against the need for limits on government or corporate (or criminal) access to that data. There are all sorts of policy and legal issues raised by this but the article below from Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC is a reminder that there is a range of views on the subject out there. John McAfee was to be heard on the BBC news and elsewhere on Friday making the analogy between "banning the whispering of secrets to your wife" in a pre-technology age, and government attempts to gain the right to have access to our data now in case there is criminal activity within it. While this may be viewed by many as a strongly libertarian view, it is one that we should consider: these are freedoms that are hard to recover once lost. The article is worth reading as a whole, given the dangers on all sides for individuals and companies in this context.