Apple's technology plays a major part in people's lives. One often has to swerve away from people on their iPhones in the street and one often sees people at the dinner table on their phones.

Connected cars are an increasing feature on the roads and there are current trials in 3 cities in UK of driverless or autonomous cars as they are also called.

If Apple do manufacture cars they will be a major competitor for other manufacturers. If they install more of their technology in cars then they and companies in the supply chain from the manufacturer, importer, distributor to the dealership will need to be conscious of various issues including;

cybercrime at various levels from the type of international blackmail suffered by Sony of Apple by foreign states, terrorists or computer geeks just wanting to show they can do it;

the level of distraction to the motorist. The use of a hands free phone increases someone's stopping distance as compared to someone who is drunk so if the distraction is increased then this problem will be exacerbated; and

although it may be rather an old fashioned view and no doubt will test the products particularly regard to the litigious culture in the US the more technical installations in a car there is more to go wrong.

However, some spend a lot of time in their car or work out on the road so if that environment becomes more connected and efficient that may prove to be beneficial to business. As the car becomes more connected you should keep the management of the risks associated with such cars including induction, training, monitoring, review, policies and insurance.

For the dealer selling increasingly connected car they will need to review their management of the risks to include ensuring manufacturer guidance or even their own guidance is given to the motorist, salesmen are trained to avoid encouraging inappropriate use of the technology, policies, dealing with recalls and insurance