IT, IP and Data Security are critical matters for businesses in the Automotive, engineering and other sectors not least because of the huge value of their IP and data.

I was delighted WilliamsF1 finished third in the constructor's championship this year and with testing starting for F1 teams shortly there will have been a lot of work going on by all the teams during, and since last season on their cars for the coming year.

In the past F1 companies have had to go to court to stop competitors taking their IP which can be expensive, and time consuming unless good advice is taken quickly. It also involves bolting the stable door after a particularly fast horse has bolted.

IT and IP Security play a key part in ensuring that rushing off to court for an injunction is not necessary or a racing and commercial advantage is not lost. There is a good range of remedies in respect of the breach of director's and employee's duties and the misuse of trade secrets and confidential information and to deprive them or third parties of the benefits of what they have done, including search and seizure, delivery up and freezing orders and damages or an account of profits.

Commercial contracts usually require the maintenance of the confidentiality and security of a customer's information with serious consequences for breach.

Data processors are obliged to maintain the security of their customer's personal data where individuals are concerned.

The security of any IT may also come under attack from hackers who may have various motives so getting good protection and ensuring it works will be needed with the increasing prevalence of cybercrime. Engaging a company to Penetration Test (Pen Test) your security is worth considering to stay on top of this issue.